My life and budget changed dramatically when I began to plan my menus every month. It takes a little extra work in the beginning of the month, but saves on time preparing and extra trips to the grocery store.                                                    



Here are just some of the benefits I have found:


1. I have what I need in my kitchen and dinner is not a mystery.


2. I rarely eat out.


3. I control my calorie intake.


4. I eat fresh and consume less preservatives and salt.


5. I cut my grocery bill by half and am able to keep an eye out for coupons on items I know I need.

Get Started


It does not take much. I make a two week menu and then double it for the month.


1. Gather 14-16 dinner recipes that your family enjoys.


2. Keep it interesting. (I like to pick 2 of each of my favorite cultures.)


3. Print out a calendar and write in each recipe for week 1 and week 2. Try not to place similar meals back to back.


4. Copy week 1 and 2 and use it for week 3 and week 4.


5. Make a shopping list for the first two weeks and then double it for the month.


6. Add extras to your list like lunch items for the kids, etc.


 I use the two week method to make it easier, but you can do a four week menu plan. You can also make a breakfast and lunch menu for the month using  the two week method or four week method. The more you plan, the more success you will have.