1 lb = 3500 calories?

1 gm of fat = 9 cal.?

1 gm carbs = 4 cal.?

1 gm protein = 4 kcal?


Well, when wanting to lose weight you have to know the chemistry behind food and also how your body responds to what you eat. If you want to lose 1 pound you have to reduce your calories by 3500 or burn 3500 through exercise to reach that goal. 

Because fat has more than double the calories than protein and carbohydrates, and doesn't aid in a sense of fullness you often eat more and get too many calories in one sitting.

Food plays one of the most important roles in weight loss. Exercise is vital, but if you are still eating more than you are burning you will not reach your goal. The more you know about food, the less of a mystery it is. Weight loss and being healthy really is attainable.




Tracking your calories really helps you to see what you are eating. We now have a Calorie Tracker on this site under the "TOOLS" section. You can use it if you are not signed up for a quick calculation or become a member and it will save your data so you can view it at any time. It is great for tracking what you eat and gives you a reality check with what you are really eating as opposed to what you think you are eating. The best thing is that it is FREE. You cannot beat that. If you are needing a program that helps guide you in what to eat I know many women that have found success in WeightWatchers. You have to find what works for you and what fits your personality.      


Become familiar with how to read a label. The lower the fat content the better. Look for foods with complex carbohydrates as opposed to overly processed foods that are high in simple carbohydrates (sugar). Plan your meals ahead. I find doing a menu for the month helps me to really make conscious decisions about what I am going to put into my body. 


Add vegetables to your diet. They add fiber to your diet and help curb your appetite. My family and I always have a veggie tray with raw veggies in the fridge. We like to munch on them as I prepare dinner which helps me to not eat as much on my plate. I prefer English cucumbers, bell peppers of all colors and baby carrots because my kids will eat them.