Probiotics - Getting Your Gut In Shape


Do Probiotics really work or is it just a fad that will be here today and gone tomorrow? You see it everywhere."Bifidus Regularis". Is there such a bacteria called "Regularis"? Does it really make you "Regularis"?


Anytime something is called a "revolution" I take it with a grain of salt until more research comes out. We talk about "probiotics" as much as when Atkin's introduced the "high protein diet" and the phrase "work your core" became popular. Do probiotics really do as they promise or is it a new way to package yogurt?


I was cynical until the birth of my third child. His pediatrician one day mentioned he didn't yet have his gut flora established. I had just assumed we were born with it in our system, not realizing it needed time to populate. 6 months later he got an ear infection and got put on antiobiotics. This killed off some of the good flora and his digestion changed without a doubt. The doctor recommended getting baby probiotic drops. This led to me to further looking into probiotics and prebiotics and I actually found more and more information backing their claims to a healthier gut.

What exactly are these little guys?


Probiotics, in a nut shell, are the good bacteria in your gut. They keep the bad bacteria and fungis in check. When you go on an antibiotic your good flora gets wiped out. A battle soon begins between the good and the bad. Yeast, is one of the enemies that threatens to take over. You need to repopulate with probiotics to keep your body in balance.


Prebiotics are the fuel source for probiotics.


Is all this hype real?


  • Studies have shown probiotics help the GI track get healthy.
  • They increase the good bacteria which balances out your system.
  • They fight off the bad bacteria which can get you sick. 
  • Probiotics have also been used to treat IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), and might help with the symptoms of lactose intolerance and allergies.
  • It has also been said that they boost your immune system.


How can you get probiotics in you?


The idea of eating bacteria is not very appealing but you can get it from yogurts like Activia, kefir products and aged cheeses You can find them in non-dairy items such as kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, tempeh and soy beverages. They also come in pill form.


Where can you find prebiotics?


You can find them in bananas, onions, garlic, leeks, asparagus, artichokes, soybeans and whole grains.



There are a lot of health benefits from eating the foods that contain probiotics and prebiotics. I no longer doubt the ill effects of going on antibiotics and am trying to eat probiotics and their fuel source on a regular basis. If I ever go on an antibiotic I will make sure to repopulate my gut.


The FDA has not backed up the claims of probiotic usage but says it is good for digestion. For more information on Candida Yeast you can go to "Get Rid of Candida For Good". 




The Toddler Takeover - Musings of Motherhood


Bill Cosby once said if you want to take over the world just get an army of toddlers to do the job. 


Being a mom of three kids under 6, I have experienced my borders being taken over. If you were to look in my windows during the day you would find me trying to bring justice to the world by working nonstop for the good of my household. Fitting some "me time" in has been a struggle since our latest baby arrived. It feels as if I am juggling five balls in the air but realistically can only sustain four and the ball that gets dropped is usually me.


The other morning chaos broke loose at my home and everyone needed me all at once. Two kids were calling me from outdoors, my baby was on a bouncy seat crying at the top of his lungs to be fed, phone was ringing off the hook and breakfast was needing to be tended to on the stove. All I remember is nursing the baby with one foot propped on the shelf of an open cabinet, hitting mute on my phone, cooking the breakfast before it burned, helping the other kids and somehow getting the food plated and on the table before my husband came downstairs. I felt like a superhero who saved 5 people from a burning building. Only another mom could appreciate what it takes to make things happen sometimes.


Motherhood is a very rewarding life. I think giving so much sweetens the soul, but fitting yourself into the mix is essential for physical and mental health. I will admit later that day as I was getting ready to take my daughter to ballet I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. No where in my day had I taken time to rest and reflect nor had I eaten a full meal or fit in a workout. It was after my boohoo moment that I saw my face in the mirror and I began to laugh. Hadn't I just nursed a baby while making scrambled eggs? As I chuckled a bit at what I must have looked like I soon realized that if I could multi-task like that I could probably do it again with a little me added into the mix.


My family needs me to be healthy because I carry a lot of weight in our home. If I am not taking care of myself we end up eating poorly, getting sick and no one is happy. I will continue to serve my family with joy but I will not always be the ball that gets dropped. The children can learn to be patient, the dishes can wait. If we eat 30 minutes later than normal so be it. We are a team.


Next time you find yourself at the stove with a screaming baby and kids calling you remember that you are doing a great job and that you are still part of the equation. 


What funny stories do you have of motherhood or multi-tasking? If you are a seasoned mom do you have wisdom for younger moms?





The Solution To Polution Is Dilution


"Drink more water." for some means forcing down a cup of metallic tasting nothingness. We know we need to fill our cup more often, but are doing it blind to the why's and how good it actually is for us. Adding a lemon or making "sassy" water works every so often but then sadly the water cycle is broken and once again we return back to our dehydrated ways. Sound familiar?


Our bodies are made up of 45-75% water. We could go without food for a few weeks but only a few days without water! It is second to oxygen in my opinion and I'd like to hopefully inspire you today to make it a part of your daily living.


Why is this fluid so important?

1. Water helps deliver the good things like electrolytes to where they need to go and helps to get rid of the waste in your body. Imagine what happens when that process gets stopped up from not having enough.


2. Water also helps you to keep cool. It takes longer to heat up water in the microwave vs. bread. The water in your body makes it take longer to heat up in a warm environment. It also cools you down when you sweat.


3. Almost all the chemical reactions of your metabolism involve water. You need it for your metabolism to function. Ever feel tired and sluggish and see a huge improvement after drinking water? People have even claimed losing weight by drinking the right amount of water.


4. It keeps your PH balance in check. Your body has the amazing ability to balance itself. Just like keeping your swimming pools PH in balance, you need to treat your body with the same care and have enough water in your system to do its job.


5. No water means no body fluids. You need saliva, sweat, tears, synovial fluid to help joints move, amniotic fluid for a fetus if pregnant. How else would we cry when watching a heartfelt movie?


How much then are we supposed to drink?


The AI or Adequate Intake for women is different for every women because of height and weight. 80% comes from fluid consumption and 20% from food consumption.


90 oz. for women = 72 oz fluid intake and 18 oz from food food intake
100 oz when pregnant = 80 oz fluid intake and 20 oz from food intake
128 oz when lactating = 102 oz fluid intake and 26 oz from food intake


You can also determine how much water to drink by this formula.


0.5 Ounces X Body Weight In Pounds = Daily Water Requirement

 For example: 0.5 ounces x 145 pounds = 72 ounces of water. (If you are active take that into account and drink accordingly.)


How can we consume more water?


1. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

2. Drink the real deal! You can't beat 0 calories. You can add lemon, flavor or add ice which can take away any metallic taste.

3. Drink decaffeinated beverages like juice but remember you are adding calories.

4. Herbal teas.


I don't like the idea of my body having built up waste, having my PH balance off, feeling sluggish and tired. Drinking my 72 ounces means a lot if I can keep my body alive, literally.  We are so fortunate to have running, cold water coming from our taps. The next time you pick up your cold glass, think of the good it is doing for your body.  


Check out MyFitLife to start tracking your water intake!



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