Working Out While Sick



"I start working out and I get sick or one of my children get sick. I get better and try again and get sick again and stop working out AGAIN. This roller coaster makes me feel like I will never get in shape." This is a conversation I have had with a couple of women lately.


When do you rest and when do you push through?


I am a mother of small children and being ill is regular part of my life. I also have to exercise because it is my job. Being given few options I have had to push myself when I am not feeling 100%. Generally, I don't work out if I have a chest cold. If it is mild I try to workout and let my body tell me to stop when it needs to. To my amazement most of the time, I get better. I have even found that I have gotten sick less because I work out on a regular basis. With a household of little ones, where germs seems to be introduced constantly, I would never be able to work out if I didn't fight for it.


As soon as I make the commitment to exercise, I get a cold. I find myself challenged whether it be illness, scheduling difficulties, lack of motivation or whatever could possibly get me to not do it. I have learned to recognize and expect this. What do I do? I have resolved that I have a certain number of workouts to accomplish and that unless I am physically unable I will do my best. Does it mean I will get all of them in? No. It might mean that I only worked out once, but I didn't let myself get completely off track.


How do you decide when to push through and when to rest?

Have you found any tricks as a woman and mother that you can share?


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I feel like a HUMAN SPONGE.


Your ring is tight. Your pants took great effort to get on. "Why, oh why?" you whisper. "I am so bloated."  The culprit...water retention. This blog is for ALL women. Unless you are super woman with super powers you, too, have probably experienced the "Day of Tight Jeans." I know I have.

I love being a woman and I just have to laugh at my off days. I used to take it so seriously, but now it is humorous. I get bloated. There, I said it. I DO NOT weigh myself on these days. If I did, I might just be tempted to think all the work I do is not paying off.

So, why does it happen? Here is a short list of common things that can make you retain water. (disclaimer: these are common reasons and do not include medical conditions.)


1. Sodium.

2 Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

3. Gravity. Standing for prolonged periods of time can cause fluid to pool in the legs.

4. Dehydration.


There are a few things I like to do to help me. These may not be medically proven, but they work for me:


1. I drink water to get hydrated and flush out built up salt.

2. I go for a run. Ever lick your lips after a sweaty workout? Your body gets rid of salt through sweating.

3. I stay away from overly processed foods. (As soon as I eat something that is processed like Ramen or chips I literally gain 2-3 pounds. Sweets can also hide high sodium contents, so read your labels.)

4. I make sure I am eating fiber through veggies, whole grains and fruit.

5. I also drink lemon juice in hot water. It has a slight diuretic effect. Cranberry juice also has a diuretic effect.


I don't do anything if it is PMS related, besides not weighing myself. I am just thankful to be a healthy woman.


What do you do when you feel like the "human sponge"?



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Forever Changed

It was a healing moment the day I held my daughter in my arms. Something changed in me and I went from feeling like a girl to a woman...a mother and a comforter. This little girl needed me and I soon realized how much I needed her.

Soon after getting home I saw my body for the first time. My tummy was jiggly from not having a baby inside and my thighs had stretched and grown. Everything was tight and my pants had a lump at the top. Despite all of that, I felt more radiant and beautiful than I had ever in my life. It was as if my youthful, pre-pregnancy body had held me captive and with that being gone, I had to see within and find the real me. I learned that beauty is many things and that physical beauty plays a very small part. I finally learned to love myself for where I was at and to proudly wear my new badge of motherhood. My body had just performed a miracle and I had the scars to prove it. I am so thankful for this experience because it changed how I view myself and how I view fitness.

Something that has been on my heart as a trainer is how we as women think of ourselves and how we talk about ourselves. It affects everything in our life and can make us or break us. My mission is to help women find positive reasons they want to get healthy. My husband put it well one day, "Hun, everyone looks the same eventually." If this is true, than we have the freedom to relax and do it for the right reason..."health, not vanity."

Let's not talk cruelly to ourselves and say, "My bum is too big." "Uggh, have you seen my stomache?" "My arms are flabby." "I used to be a size 6." Do you hear how negative this sounds? I would never talk that way to another girl, yet I used to talk that way to myself. It is all focused on a negative.

Instead how about, "I want to be healthier now than I have ever been." "I want to be stronger and have more courage." "I want to live a long and happy life." "I want to be spry when I am 80."  No self loathing...positive.

Being successful long term depends on picking yourself back up if you fall, not kicking yourself when you are down. Be good to yourself and enjoy the journey...give yourself a pat on the back every now and then.


What are some healthy goals you have set?

What are some unhealthy goals you have gotten rid of?

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