Female Icons: 50 Years and Looking Back

I was on Yahoo and an article popped up on how to have a bikini body like a VERY thin famed celebrity. It stuck out in my mind and inspired me to write a blog on praised body types over the last 50 years.                                                                       


The woman the article was about has a naturally thin body. A woman who probably worried more as a girl about being too thin than losing 10 pounds. It was interesting to me because at first, I fell for it and thought," Oh, I need to workout to get that skinny." but then I snapped out of it. I could never look that skinny because we have totally different frames.


I thought it would be interesting to go back over 50 years and see how popular figures have changed the way we view what is attractive and what we are "supposed" to look like as women.


1950'2 - In our grandmother's era the hourglass figure was an ideal body type. Marylin Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Doris Day and Grace Kelly were faces you would see on screen and in the media. Marylin and Jane were overtly sexual while Doris and Grace were more sophisticated and tame.



1960's - With the 60's, you saw a different body type. Tall and thin with little curves. Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton were models during this time. Twiggy was a model who changed the look of fashion. I think she still affects fashion to this day. Around this time women started getting rib bones removed to a have a smaller waist.



1970's -   Farrah Fawcet, Mia Farrow and Mary Tyler Moore were some of the stars that were popular during this time in hystory. Still promoting a thin physique, these women were what society considered attractive.





1980's- Leaving the 70's and stepping into the 80's brought a much needed change as far as expected body types. The popular role models looked more like regular girls and brought back a more realistic body type. Molly Ringwald, Madonna and Princess Diana took the stage during this time. I see similarities to the 50's with fuller figures and Madonna being more overtly sexual and Princess Diana being more sophisticated.


1990's- This was an interesting time for me as I was a teenager in the 90's. I remember seeing Kate Moss in magazines, Gwen Stephani and Jennifer Aniston and the other gals from "Friends" on t.v.  I always felt out of shape even though I was a fit, normal girl. I would say being thin won out over the fuller figures of the 80's.              



2000 -  J. Lo hit the scenes.  She made full figures a good thing and every girl with a full booty (like me) suddenly became proud. Her influence still affects us today. You can actually buy derriere pads to make you have a fuller behind. Angelina Jolie also was popular and promoted full hips, full lips and an hour-glass figure.


2005-2010- Skinny is back with a bite. We always seem to come back to this. Overly thin body types are emerging out of Hollywood and sending a message to women and girls alike that you have to be rail thin to be beautiful. 



The point of my writing this is to say whether you are full figured or thin, the media is fickle and to take it with a grain of salt. All body types are beautiful. It is funny, though, when I read that article as a personal trainer on how to have that bikini body. It would take a miracle and they didn't mention the magic pill that could transform this full hipped girl into a tall, skinny frame. No routine could do that for me.

Thankfully age has made me wiser and I like myself more and more as time goes on. I have come to terms with the fact that I will grow old someday and everything might literally head South. That is okay, because I have a lot to offer.  I know you do, too.


Have you ever found yourself being affected by the media's portrayal of what women should look like?

What are your thoughts on women of today in the media?


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