Being Active with Your Kids



It is a cooler spring day and is one moment cloudy and the next sunny. I am tempted to curl up under the covers with a good book. My poor children. They are cooped up inside and are asking to watch t.v and I feel like I am a bad mother to let them be sedentary all day. It is not a great day to go outside and play but after a conversation I had the other day with a friend about how she likes to workout while she plays with her daughters I decided to bundle them up and do a little workout/game myself.


I wanted to share with you moms some of the games that got us running and jumping.


Obstacle Course

This is one of my favorite things to do with them because they love it. I use orange cones from Target, my exercise ball, 3 lb. weights and and exercise band. I lay out a station every 10 feet and have them go through the course doing 8-10 reps depending on their age at each station and running to the next station. You can put on fun music and have a dance party.


Pick Pocket Tag

Put a strip of fabric in the pocket of each player and try to steal each piece while protecting your own.


Kick the Bug

Find an item like a ball or pillow and divide the players into two teams. Let each player kick the item across to the other side to get a point for their team.


Red Light/Green Light

One player is "it" and will be the stop light. The other players line up about 15 feet behind the "it" player, while the "it" player turns and faces the other direction. He/she calls out "Green Light!" and the players move forward. The "it" player then yells out, "Red Light!" and turns around quickly. Any of the players caught moving have to go back to the starting line. Play until one of the players reaches the "it" player and tags them. They then become the stop light.



Draw a grid with chalk and draw two squares and also single squares. Throw a marker into one of the squares and that player has to hop through the course (two feet in double squares and one foot in single squares). If the player completes the course, he/she goes back to the beginning and picks up the marker and throws in into the next square.



The rules of this game are similar to baseball and involve a relatively large ball to kick instead of bat and ball.


These are just a few classics that every kid enjoys and I had fun with them and got us out of the comfort of home. They also have good memories with mom. I can be fun, too!

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