Mr. Omega-3, Will You Marry Me?



As I sit in Canada at the table studying the molecular composition of fat, I come across a section that knocks my socks off. The structure and benefits of essential (our body cannot make on it's own) Omega 3.  


I see Omega-3 (also known as alpha-linolenic acid) on egg cartons and fish and I know it is good for me, but it wasn't until I read WHAT it does in the body that I get why I need it. I wanted to share it with you and maybe you will be as giddy about it as I am and add it into your diet.


The Benefits:


Helps make Eicosanoids ( class of hormone like substances) that are crucial chemical regulators in the body.

Improves rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, some skin conditions

Reduces symptoms of colitis and Crohn's disease

Type 2 diabetes: reduces hyperinsulinemia and insilin resistance

Cardiovascular disease: lowers triglycerides and raises HDL cholesterol, improves circulation, lowers blood pressure.

Reduces severity of Alzheimers. depression and bipolar disorder


Where you can find it:


Flax seed has the highest amount overall

Plant foods

Fatty fish: salmon, tuna, mackerel

Canola Oil, Soybean oil



Now I find that fascinating! And how amazing the power of eating right and literally getting healthy.


If food can add this much to your health also keep in mind how much bad food can take away so eat right. Food is fuel and I believe we can get what we need by eating the right foods in the right amounts. I hope you enjoyed this information as much as I did.  


Please check with a physician before taking any type of supplement or doing extreme diet changes. Pregnant women especially should make sure they stay within recommended amounts.


Sources: Nutrition by Paul Insel, Don Ross, Kimberley McMahon and Melissa Bernstein




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Weight Loss Tips For the Thirty Something


You diet and it doesn't work. You work out and you lose nothing. In your 20's you could eat whatever you wanted and barely try and you would lose weight and now your spare tire is attached to you like your shadow and it follows you wherever you go.


Does this sound familiar?


Weight Gain is something that a lot of women complain about as they enter into their 30's. It can be both frustrating and discouraging. Why do women tend to struggle with their weight at this point in their life?


1. Our metabolism slows by 5% each decade, which means 100 less calories burned at 30 and 200 less calories burned at 40 per day. 


The fix:

Gradually start decreasing your calories as you age and exercise more frequently. 

Increase fruits and vegetables and try to get the appropriate amount of servings.

Be aware of how much fat you are consuming in your diet. Reduce junk food, go lean with your meat, drink 1% milk versus 2% and whole milk, eat low fat yogurt versus regular, reduce cheese.


2. Our muscle mass starts diminishing which decreases our metabolism.


The fix:

Start adding weight training as part of your exercise routine.

Don't yo yo diet which can lead to muscle loss.

Don't just focus on cardio, but add in weight training or pilates.


You can fight weight gain as you age with a little extra effort and attention spent to your diet and exercise. The important thing is to  know what is going on with your body. Talking with your doctor is a great first step to get their opinion and see what they recommend for you. 



Nutrition by Paul Insel, Don Ross, Kimberley McMahon, Melissa Bernstein


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Veggies That Pack a Punch


Hey Fit Girls! One of the goals of this website is to organize information to make it 1. easier to find 2. make better decisions fast. I put together a chart with different vegetables and what vitamins they contain. These are in high amounts. How about these next time you go to the grocery store? Notice how many vitamin groups Dark Leafy Greens are in (kale,spinach,collard greens, etc.) Enjoy!



Dark leafy greens
Sweet Potato
Butternut squash
Dried Apricots               
Dark leafy greens

Dark leafy greens
Green peas
Nuts (almonds/ pecans.

Dark leafy greens

Dark leafy greens
Dark leafy greens
Bell Peppers
Shitake Mushrooms
Button Mushrooms
Dark leafy greens
For more information you can visit:



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