How I Lost 20 Pounds and am Keeping it Off

Everyone loves a success story. It gives us hope and makes us feel that it can happen for us. Please welcome fellow Fit Girl member Angela Russell as she shares her weight loss journey. Like all of us, she has experienced ups and downs with her weight and has finally found the place she wants to be after having children and living a busy life. Thank you, Angela,  for sharing your story with us and let it put a fire in our bellies to keep trying.


Before my babies, I weighed in the low to mid 130s and considered myself to be in pretty great shape. I regularly did races of all sorts including 10ks and half and full distance marathons. I even did a sprint-distance triathlon before I realized I was pregnant with my son! After my son was born in 2006, I was able to drop most of the weight easily and completed another marathon. But after my daughter's birth in 2008, things weren't so easy.


I struggled for awhile flip-flopping around with my weight, trying different things, but not much working. At my worst, I weighed about 162 - that's about 30 pounds more than pre-pregnancy! While that might not sound like a ton of weight, it was for me, since I was used to being thin and fit.


In the summer of 2011, I tried the 17 Day Diet and was floored by the results! In about 10 days' time I'd lost 9 pounds and felt incredible. However, as I began to reintroduce foods back into my diet, I struggled keeping the motivation as well as the weight off. In a couple months, most of the weight had come back on. At the end of 2011, I was really discouraged. I weighed myself at 158 at the end of the year. I just felt bloated and unhealthy and I knew I needed to change and I did not need another diet.


The New Year brought new resolve to do something and I began just making good choices - doing the things I knew to do. Reducing sugar, reducing eating late at night, working in more healthy food, and drinking more water. I also made a strong effort to workout more. But the end of January, I'd lost about 9 pounds, the same amount I lost in the first few days of the 17 Day Diet, but in a more sensible fashion.


In February, I decided to follow a plant-based diet. I was surprised at how easily the weight began to drop off from there! And with minimal effort! I continued this for the months of March and April and in May decided to add animal products back in only occasionally. I am now at 139 pounds and cannot believe I've lost and kept off nearly 20 pounds this year! As I've gotten closer to my ideal weight, it's been tougher to drop many more pounds. There are also times when I've messed up and eaten something I know I shouldn't have, but the key is to remember I'm in it for the long haul. Another thing that's helped is weighing myself about once daily. Keeping an eye on it helps curb things if I see the scale's gone up a couple pounds over the weekend. It keeps me mindful of how far I've come and that I do NOT want to go back!






My goal at this point is to drop another 5 pounds and really firm up. Most of all, I want to enjoy good health and energy. I love how eating a mainly plant-based diet has made me feel and hope to stick with it for a long time come. I also want to add that I'm disheartened by how many folks I see pushing this spendy diet product or shake or meal plan - trust me, you do NOT need that! I sure didn't! I'd far rather spend my money on buying whole organic produce than something packaged that comes in the mail or some shake that requires me to mix cow's milk or juice with it. Remember that dieting is big business here in the USA and be wary of marketing tactics that prey on your desire for quick, dramatic results. Instead, work to make lifestyle changes that are sustainable.


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Do you have a weight loss success story you would like to share? Please e-mail them to and I will feature you in a future Fit Girls blog. 

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Being Active with Your Kids



It is a cooler spring day and is one moment cloudy and the next sunny. I am tempted to curl up under the covers with a good book. My poor children. They are cooped up inside and are asking to watch t.v and I feel like I am a bad mother to let them be sedentary all day. It is not a great day to go outside and play but after a conversation I had the other day with a friend about how she likes to workout while she plays with her daughters I decided to bundle them up and do a little workout/game myself.


I wanted to share with you moms some of the games that got us running and jumping.


Obstacle Course

This is one of my favorite things to do with them because they love it. I use orange cones from Target, my exercise ball, 3 lb. weights and and exercise band. I lay out a station every 10 feet and have them go through the course doing 8-10 reps depending on their age at each station and running to the next station. You can put on fun music and have a dance party.


Pick Pocket Tag

Put a strip of fabric in the pocket of each player and try to steal each piece while protecting your own.


Kick the Bug

Find an item like a ball or pillow and divide the players into two teams. Let each player kick the item across to the other side to get a point for their team.


Red Light/Green Light

One player is "it" and will be the stop light. The other players line up about 15 feet behind the "it" player, while the "it" player turns and faces the other direction. He/she calls out "Green Light!" and the players move forward. The "it" player then yells out, "Red Light!" and turns around quickly. Any of the players caught moving have to go back to the starting line. Play until one of the players reaches the "it" player and tags them. They then become the stop light.



Draw a grid with chalk and draw two squares and also single squares. Throw a marker into one of the squares and that player has to hop through the course (two feet in double squares and one foot in single squares). If the player completes the course, he/she goes back to the beginning and picks up the marker and throws in into the next square.



The rules of this game are similar to baseball and involve a relatively large ball to kick instead of bat and ball.


These are just a few classics that every kid enjoys and I had fun with them and got us out of the comfort of home. They also have good memories with mom. I can be fun, too!

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Please Welcome Guest Blogger David Haas: The Benefits of Exercise For Those Undergoing Cancer Treatment


I recently had the honor and privilige of meeting David Haas who is a cancer support group and awareness program advocate at the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance


David has recently been researching and writing about how beneficial cancer support networks and also staying physically fit is to people going through treatments, in remission, and even family members of cancer patients.


David wanted to share this important information with us to not only encourage those who are fighting cancer, but the family members that surround them. 



Improve Your Quality of Life With Exercise


Exercise is an important part of maintaining good health, preventing the development of chronic diseases and maintaining a healthy weight. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, or any other form of cancer, incorporating exercise into your regular daily routine can help improve your quality of life and prevent other conditions from developing.


Bone Health


As you age, your bones lose mass naturally and the mass must be replaced by consuming a higher amount of calcium per day. Calcium helps to build and strengthen bones and teeth. Exercise also increases bone health by challenging your bones to carry more weight, building bone strength. Cancer treatment causes your bones to loose strength, increasing the risk of fractures and developing osteoporosis. The best exercises for bone strength are weight-bearing exercises. To reduce your risk of injury, consult with your physician before beginning any exercises.


Improving Energy


Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy can leave you feeling drained. Eating the right foods and keeping physically active can help combat fatigue and give you better sleep at night. According to experts at the Mayo Clinic, regular physical activity can boost your endurance and improve oxygen circulation in your body. Exercise also improves the way your lungs and heart work, preventing you from tiring out easily while exercising. To take advantage of a quick energy boost, take a walk during the day for at least 30 minutes, three times per week.


Helpful Routines

If you’re new to exercising, you may not know where to start. The easiest way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine is to make a schedule with two 15-minute exercise routines. Fit them into times where you are not distracted, such as when your kids are at school. Remember to start off gradually. Start with a brisk walk and then build your way up to running. If running isn’t your thing, try dancing. Turn on a song you like and dance around.


Heart Health


Eating heart healthy foods such as olives, almonds and avocados can improve your blood cholesterol levels, lowering your risk of heart disease. Even if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, it is important to retain good nutrition and a healthy workout routine to protect your heart. Regular exercise strengthens your heart, improves your blood circulation, and reduces your risk of developing heart disease. The more active you are, the less your heart will have to work to adequately circulate your blood. Exercises that increase your heart rate such as running, bicycling, swimming, and dancing are all helpful in protecting your heart. In addition, studies have shown that taking part in cardiovascular exercises regularly helps shed unwanted pounds and reduces the risk of developing diabetes.


Thank you, David, for your compassion and willingness to share with us!

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